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Our Story

At the poetic heart of ATEEVIA BOTANICA, is a multigenerational narrative about suffering and hope, pain and resilience. The true story begins some eighty years ago, with an accomplished senior physician, and continues to be told today through the voice oh his inquisitive grandson, a fellow doctor himself.

This grandfather was a highly acclaimed, well-respected doctor within his own community during a time much different from today's system of diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical technology then was more limited, but peoples desire and need for wellness were just as strong. The grandfather, motivated by a brilliant, intellectually curious mind and the will to exert great lengths to treat his patients, employed natural methods to aid the body's healing powers. An expert botanist and well-acquainted allopathic, traditional medicinal therapies, he used unconventional combinations of botanical extracts to accelerate his patients return to a state of robust health. His results were phenomenal.

Years after this grandfather had passed away and on another continent, his daughter was diagnosed with moderate Rheumatoid Arthritis. Despite numerous treatments, her joint pain not only persisted but worsened. One night, after dreaming of the grandfather (her own father), she recalled his treatments, which had been buried with him until this moment.

The daughter told her son about her father's remedy, describing a topical treatment made of botanical extracts to treat patients with painful inflammatory ailments. The son, a doctor himself, began the crusade to find the botanical extracts and unlock their healing powers, reviving his grandfather's legacy in the process. It took a few years for all of the ingredients to be brought together from across the globe. When the cream was finally complete, the son tested it on his mother with astounding results. Within a few weeks, her symptoms faded and then disappeared.

The son went back to work, reformulating the mixture to maximize safety and enhance potency. He understood that in the great enterprise of helping the ailing, we are all partners, for society has a deep-rooted obligation to it's sick. Word of the success quickly spread. People who volunteered to be treated experienced substantial pain relief. Inspired, the son refined the product to help those who suffer from various inflammation-based pain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic joint pain, and tendonitis. And so, from one doctor to another... and from one grandfather to his grandson... an all-natural anti-inflammatory cream was cultivated, with effects focused and long-lasting: ATEEVIA BOTANICA was born.